A Modern library well equipped with latest books (more than 5000 volumes and 400 m2 carpet area) in the field of engineering and technology and related areas with a LibraryLibrarycollection of assorted and exhaustive text and reference books is directed towards academic excellence. The library is computerized and students are encouraged to spend time in library to improve their knowledge. It is also envisaged to network the library with other national and International libraries. A separate section with reading room has been added for Historical, cultural, general knowledge and spiritual literature.

List of subscribed Journals
1. IEEE Journals,spectrum,Education
2. Indian society for Tech. Education
3. Engineering Advance
4. Electrical Engineering Up-date
5. IEEMA Journal
6. Electrical Engineering
7. Electronics & Telecom. Engineering
8. Resonance Journal of Science Education
9. Environmental Engineering
10. Computer Engineering
11. C/C++ Userís Journal (International)
12. Indian Journals of Information Lib. & Science
13. Linux Journal (International)
14. Bulletin of Pure and applied Science Sec-C: Chemistry
15. Bulletin of Pure and applied Science Sec-D:Physicsv 16. Bulletin of Pure and applied Science Sec-E: Mathematics & Stat.
17. Indian Journal of pure & Applied Mathematics
18. Library process
19. Current Science
20. Indian Journal of chemistry Section-A
21. Asian Journal of Chemistry
22. Journal of Indian Chemistry Society
23. Annals of library & Information Studies
24. The Institution of engineers (India)
25. Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy: Part A (INSA Journal)
26. Proceedings of the Indian National science Academy: Part B (INSA Journal)
27. Journals of I.E.(India)

Scientific Magazineís
1. Digit
2. Competition Success Review
3. G. K Today
4. Science Reporter
5. Physics for You
6. Chemisty Today
7. Mathematics Today
8. P C Quest
9. Electronics today
10. Linux for you
11. Electrical India

1. India today
2. The Week
3. Frontline
4. Auto India
5. Yojana
6. Kurukshetra
7. Economic and political weekly
8. Outlook
9. Sport star
10. Readerís Digest

News Paperís
1. University News
2. Employment News
3. German News
4. Rajasthan Patrika
5. Dainik Bhaskar
6. The Hindustan Times
7. The Times of India
8. Financial Express
9. Aas Pass