Boy's Hostel Ineer Look of Hostel    Separate hostels for boys and girls accommodating 80% boy students & 100% of girl students are available in the college campus. The hostels, wearing an inviting look are snugly situated amidst the lush green expanded wings of nature. 24-hour uninterrupted water and electricity supply is available. Solar water heating system further adds to the efficiency of the set-up simultaneously contributing towards energy conservation, which is the vital need of today. Over & above, a medical board also visits the hostels on alternative days. The hostels provide ample opportunities for the all-round development of the students. For the physical development of the students, we have a gym, indoor and outdoor courts and grounds; there is a dish TV system to entertain the students. Messes are equipped with their own bakery provide well planned, varied, balanced and appetizing vegetarian food prepared under strict hygienic conditions by experienced chef. Security: The security of the students is given special attention; retired military personnel provide round-the-clock security within the campus.

Temple and Meditation Hall
TempleThere is a separate temple and meditation hall on the campus itself for students to attain tranquility of mind and high concentration power.

Residential Facility For Staff
Residential Facility for StaffAll staff members are accommodated on the college campus. All flats are well furnished with 24-hr. electricity and water supply .

Swimming Pool
Swimming PoolA spacious swimming pool has been provided to enable the students to keep themselves fit, cool and refreshed. The pool is hygienically maintained with regular change of disinfected water. It remains accessible to the students round the year and to the staff as well.

Horse Riding
Horse RidingThe college can boast of being one of the few who maintain strong and trained horses. These are available to the students for learning horse riding. This total facility operates under the supervision of expert horse trainers.