Computer Sc. & Engineering and Information Technology Department

      Computer Comuter Lab with IBM PC system are undergoing revolution. The amount of growth that has occurred in computer technology in the past half century is in real sense staggering and totally unprecedented in other industries. In this high-tech era, computer technology is encapsulating all spheres of human needs and aspirations. It has metamorphosed not only the data processing and storage, but also the quality or life> manufacturing, designing> communication and transportation. The main frames of 60’s and 70’s have been replaced by personal computers, which now has become a household commodity. High-tech workstations, RISC based machines, high-tech soft wares now form the essential components of Institutes/research labs.

Department of Computer Engineering was established in the college in 2003 and a B.E. degree course in Computer Engineering was started with an intake of 60.

The curriculum in B.E. Computer Engineering lay emphasis on designComuter Lab with IBM PC and development of both hardware and software, in addition to software packages. Miniaturization in computer technology, audio-video and image processing, storage and retrieval of data from databases, compiler construction, operating systems design, computer graphics, computer architecture, microprocessors based design are also the important components of the curriculum. A greater emphasis is on the electronic based technical knowledge. Moreover, the curriculum includes advance programming languages & skills in addition to computer networks and communication technologies. Industrial training is an integral part of the curriculum to inculcate the multi-dimensional growth of a student.

Laboratory Facilities in the Computer Science & Engineering Department

Three highly advanced computer labs are equipped with 180 P- IV computers majority of them being IBM ones with LCD/TFTInternet through VSATComuter Lab with IBM PC monitors. Each computer lab consists of a Pentium IV server and 33 nodes. The Pentium IV server supports a number of other equipments such as inkjet colour printers, scanner, digital camera, and multimedia configuration and V-SAT. The hardware configuration is professionally selected and is supported by suitable applications software.
Suitable power invertors and UPS giving adequate backup in case of electricity supply interruptions support the computer equipments.
We have in-house expertise and facilities to undertake software development projects. An Internet facility is an integral part of the laboratory operations.

Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

This department consists of well equipped and modernized Electronics labs.ECE LAB All the laboratories are designed in such a away that we can produce quality engineers. We are having an appropriate teacher-student ratio to keep the student in touch with the teachers. Making them familiar with the most advanced generals is another feature to keep students updated and teaching with audio-visual ads to make learning interesting.
Laboratory Facilities in the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department provides a comprehensive coverage for both the conventional and advanced laboratories facilities at par with the premier institutes in the country. The department has the following labs:

1. Electronics Lab It has the following equipment:
  • DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope)
  • CRO

    2. Measurement & Instrumentation Lab It has the following equipments:
  • Crompton Potentiometer
  • Oscillators
  • Energy meters
  • Transducers

    3. Digital Electronics Lab It has the following equipments:
  • Digital IC Trainer
  • IC Tester
  • Mux. & Demux.

    4. Electronic Engineering Design & Digital Hardware Lab It has the following equipments:
  • Op-Amps
  • 4-bit Binary Ripple
  • Counters
  • Bread Boards

    5. Microwave & Antenna Lab It has the following equipments:
  • Klyptron Tube
  • Spectrum Analyzer

    6. Communication, Digital Communication & Signal Processing Lab It has the following equipments:
  • PWM, PAM, PPM Trainer
  • Sampling Trainer

    7. Microprocessor Lab It has the following equipments:
  • XPO – 85 with keyboard
  • XPO – 86 with Interfaces

    Electrical Engineering Department

    All labs are well equipped with highly precise accurate and ISO certified instruments. Electrical machine lab Machine Labonsists of various DC shunt motors and transformers. Measurement lab has modern and high quality experimental equipments to facilitate better understanding of various measuring aspects. All labs are well designed and equipped to give better understanding in the upcoming field. Workshop provides knowledge based, industry oriented training in electrical engineering field to bridge the gap between academic institution and the industry.

    Laboratory facilities in the Electrical Engineering Department

    The Department of Electrical Engineering has well planned conventional as well as advanced laboratories. All labs are equipped with highly precise, accurate and ISO certified instruments. The department has the following labs:

    1. Machine Lab It has the following equipment, with all necessary analog and digital instruments:
  • 3-f Alternator
  • 3-f Synchronous Motor - 7.5 HpMachine Lab
  • 3-f Induction Motor
  • 3-f Transformer - 5 KVA
  • 1-f Transformer
  • DC generator
  • DC motor

    2. Computerized PCB Design Lab It has the following softwares:
  • TEENA PROTeena Lab
  • EWB

    3. Measurement Lab
    It has following measurement devices and equipments:
  • AC/DC Potentiometers
  • Transducers
  • Bridges

    4. Power Electronics Lab It has all the required electrical drives.

    5. Electrical Workshop
  • Motor Winding Machine
  • Electronic circuits in Bread Board and wiring practice

    Mechanical Engineering Department

    Traditional role role of a Mechanical Engineering (ME) Workshop in an educationalWorkshop institute is to provide students a plan where they learn and practice various fabricating techniques. In an organized manner, this learning is integrated as a part of their manufacturing courses. The workshop provides a chance to appreciate a variety of manufacturing activities needed in making a product. It provides support for manufacturing students and faculty projects and assists the various other laboratories to produce test specimens, clamps, fixtures etc. In a research environment it provides support to manufacture precise and intricate parts and prototypes. The technicians of a workshop should have ability to interface with faculty and students in their research activities and satisfies them in terms of fabricating their desired design products or prepare setup for experiments in a timely fashion.

    ME Workshop is located in building-1 and occupies a covered area of about 12,000 square ft.Workshop that include one large hall and four considerably large rooms plus adequate storage space for tools, consumables and materials etc. It is equipped with a wide variety of conventional and modern machine tools, materials processing equipment and instrumentation. It is used for both teaching and research programs in the manufacturing engineering area as well as providing service for the production of research facilities for the ME. The college workshop has following well equipped shops:

  •   Carpentry Shop
  •   Machine Shop
  •   Black smithy Shop
  •   Welding Shop
  •   Maintenance Shop (for college furniture)
  •   Electrical Shop
  •   Fitting Shop
  •   Foundry Shop

    Physics Department

    The department of physics has well planned conventionalPhysics Lab as well as advanced laboratory. The laboratory is well equipped with highly precise accurate and ISO certified instruments. The lab have printed circuit board designed by well know companies of world. A separate dark room is also arranged where students can learn about the optical experiments. The advanced laboratory facilities include apparatus like Fresnel’s Biprism , Newton’s ring , PN-jn diode , sextant etc. At a time 40 students can work comfortably in the lab. The lab is supported by outstanding faculty and technicians. The department is also in contact with cryogenic research center in which students can gain the knowledge of solid state physics.

    Chemistry Department

    Chemsitry LabIn Four year engineering xourse, the chemistry subject had been introduced in only 1st year. For all the branch of the engineering students, chemistry is the basic subject to study for application in the engineering field. The subject consists of number of experiment including various physical, volumetric and Gravimetric analysis. The college campus has well established and well equipped chemistry Lab.

    FEATURES: Chemisty Lab
  • The chemistry lab equipped with necessary equipment , glassware, and chemicals available to conduct experiments as per university syllabus.
  • The lab has a separate wing for performing physical experiments.
  • There us a facility of water and gas supply and proper ventilation.
  • At a time 60 students can perform an experiment and a proper space is allotted to each student .
  • There is attention on every student by lab incharge as well as faculty